2022 Program Overview

To address our mission in 2022 we will work in five priority areas: 


Investing in our Future

The Coalition facilitates non-traditional hands-on, outdoor learning opportunities, for all ages, on the management and sustainable use of our County’s natural resources. Our aim is to provide learning experiences that promote understanding of the interconnectedness of ecosystems and their importance to our everyday lives.


Promoting Woodland Stewardship

We partner with the Northeast Oregon Small Woodland Owners Association, and other forest management institutions to provide educational opportunities and support for addressing best practices and challenges of small woodland management.

Encouraging Fire Awareness, Preparedness, and Adaptation

Our aim is to prepare individuals, families, homes, and properties for the realities of wildfire through education and outreach, supporting Firewise Community development, providing education events and helping landowners to reduce fire risk on their properties e

Supporting Healthy Watersheds

Through collaboration with the Powder Basin Watershed Council and other partners, the Coalition supports restoration, improvement, enhancement, and utilization of watersheds within the Powder Basin. We also provide related education and engagement opportunities.

Enhancing Recreation Opportunities

The Coalition promotes and supports utilizing recreation opportunities to foster connection and engagement between natural resources and the community, as well as an avenue for education and economic development.


To the extent practicable we promote and facilitate integration of elements from as many of these priority areas as possible in all projects and programs.