The Baker Resources Coalition is a catalyst for positive change.  


Our Vision

The County's natural resources are managed and used for the wellbeing of our citizens; that working together across relevant natural resource sectors promotes more resilient and lasting solutions that serve more needs.


The Coalition was formed in 2018 as an outgrowth of a Roundtable Discussion that involved community leaders, public and private natural resource managers, educators, recreation specialists, and a variety of local private-sector businesses. The diverse recommendations from these discussions provided a roadmap to develop programs to enhance understanding of the important role that Baker County’s natural resources play in the wellbeing of our communities.

Our Mission

In pursuit of our Vision, the Coalition:

  • Promotes management and sustainable use of our County’s natural resources as a cornerstone for economic development, 


  • Provides a forum for different sectors to work together to address natural resource-related issues, and 


  • Inspires current and future generations to recognize the importance of our natural resources in maintaining the wellbeing of our communities.