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Watershed Management

We promote watershed management through collaboration with the Powder Basin Watershed Council and other partners, supporting the restoration, improvement, enhancement, and utilization of watersheds within the Powder Basin, and providing related education and engagement opportunities.

Stream Restoration

Host Eileen Gyllenberg:

Over the course of a week, 2021 interns created streambeds to connect springs to streams and ponds and cleared the overcrowded surrounding forested areas. Excess tree material was used build a maze gate to allow easy access to a fenced area that keeps buffalo at bay. Overall, the land is more resilient to insect pests and wildfires, while supporting greater diversity of wildlife and vegetation.

Camp Creek Restoration

Think like a beaver!

2022 and 2023 interns worked on a collaborative project between the Powder Basin Watershed Council, multiple state agencies, and federal agencies to begin restoring Camp Creek to its historic potential. Camp Creek was once flush with beaver! Beavers provide various ecosystem benefits including water/sediment retention, diversified aquatic habitat, stream complexity, floodplain connection, fish/wildlife habitat, and so much more. Interns learned about the restoration technique of installing human constructed dams, known as Beaver Dam Analogues, to mimic the ecosystem services provided by beavers. This is an ongoing project, and future interns can look forward to helping construct their own beaver dam analogues!   

2022 interns collect pre-project monitoring data.

2023 interns begin Beaver Dam Analogue construction.

Watershed Resources


Powder Basin Watershed Council

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