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Wildfire Preparedness

Some rural properties in Baker County have been designated "Wildland Urban Interface" (WUI).  Landowners in WUI areas are required to meet management standards designed to reduce wildfire risk. The east face of the Elkhorn Mountains above Baker Valley is one of those areas designated WUI.


We encourage wildfire awareness, preparedness, and adaptation by preparing individuals, families, homes, and properties for the realities of fire through education and outreach, supporting Firewise Community development, and assisting with fire risk reduction projects and associated efforts.

Wildfire Risk Reduction

High-Risk Tree Management


2021 and 2022 Interns learned how to properly evaluate trees and removed fire-risk trees. They pruned trees to chest level height to ensure that fire was less likely to burn the crown of the trees. Interns organized burn piles and learned how to protect their communities from dangerous natural hazards. 


Fuel Reduction

2021 and 2022 Interns cleared out regeneration tress that covered the Anthony Lakes Ski resort. This helped manage fire danger as well as provide a service to the community. Bolstering tourism and recreation is a huge benefit to our organization.

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